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Common Scoundrel PVP specs

I have made a small collection of PVP specs I have seen at the Scoundrel forum (and Operative forum) plus the one I am going to try myself. Going to post the Scoundrel versions but of course they are also available for operatives. The specs are often found in many variations so feel free to tailor them towards your needs.

The Scrapper spec is the heavy burst spec that makes everyone cry at the forum. The burst was insane (at least before the nerf) and are perfect specs for those who want to take out a vulnerable enemy fast. Full scrapper is also the most common PVP spec for scoundrels. There are 2 common ways to go:

Scrapper with heals - 07/31/03
The first one is the spec Envii often uses. It is a fairly normal Scrapper spec that offers extra healing powers for situation where it’s needed.
You can see it in action by one of the most skilled Scoundrel players here:

Offensive Scrapper - 03/31/07
Much like the first scrapper spec, but it got slightly more dmg and lower cooldown on Dirty Kick. With the nerf to K.O. this spec really shines since you can almost always open up with the Shoot First -> Dirty Kick stunlock. For even more damage you can move the points from Survivor’s Scars to Browbeater.

Click "read more" for the rest of the specs.

Dirty Fighting
Though I do not know much about Dirty Fighting it’s probably (along with the full healer) the least used PVP spec for Scoundrels. The spec itself isn’t as fluent as the Gunslinger version making it less desired for most players. The playstyle is very different compared to scrapper and the spec doesn’t offer the same burst to take out opponents. It’s harder to play but can be very strong in the right hands. Your job is to stay in the background keeping dots on the enemies and get an overall high dmg while having fewer killing blows. Though it’s still possible to dive in and get some kills. This spec is strong for preventing the enemy to capture PVP objectives since the dots prevents them from taking them. A well placed Sharp bomb can delay the enemy team buying you vital time and even allow you to return after being killed. The huge problem with the spec is the fact that your UH generating abilities are all melee range unless you spend talents to make your UWM grant UH. The spec I would use is this but I’m far from a DF expert so there might be plenty which are better.

Full Healer
I would advise against this since Sorcs/Sages often outperform us as pure healers. However there are a few Scoundrels who have success with it. In my opinion the pure healer spec doesn’t offer much and it makes you very vulnerable. Your job is to make the extra healing power (compared to hybrid builds) compensate for the loss of utility and offensive powers. An advantage for using this spec is that you can use it for PVE where the hybrid specs may lack behind. As a scoundrel healer you have to be very careful and not catch too much attention (which is impossible against a decent team) since you are squishy compared to the other healers, especially Sorcs/Sages. Even though Scoundrel healers are very mobile there isn’t much we can do with the mobility and we are still forced to cast UMW to deal with heavier damage.

This is where everything gets interesting. I love hybrid builds and this class got several strong hybrid specs. The healing focused hybrids often offer up to 90% of the healing output of the full healer spec while having extra tools. As a hybrid player you can switch between healing and dpsing and therefor adjust to what currently is needed.

Offensive DF-Sawbones (Dots’n’hots) - 18/00/23
It’s a variation of the DF spec that allows you to stay at range by getting UH procs from your hots. It’s still a primarily DPS spec but the extra heals can be enough to save your friends. Cover can also be utilized since you aren’t reliant on staying in melee range. It also offers some great tools to regenerate energy with extra energy regeneration and lower cooldown for both Cool Head and Pugnacity.

Heal focused DF-Sawbones - 25/03/13
This is primarily a healer spec, but with extra utility from DF. You gain stronger dots to wear down the enemy and a shorter CD for Dirty Kick. Remember how useful Sharp bomb can be in warzones. You also gain extra energy regeneration from pugnacity as well as an increased survivability from Survivor’s Scars.

Balanced DF-Sawbones - 23/00/18
It’s much like the heal focused DF-Sawbones, but by sacrificing a little bit of your healing capabilities and survivability you can reach the 4th tier in DF giving you the choice of having even stronger dots (and hots) or extra tools. In the spec I have posted I have put the extra points in Black Market Equipment, but they can be move to other talents in that tier for the extra utility.

Sawbones-Scrapper 23/18/00
The great singletarget dps from scrapper combined with healing from sawbones makes this a dangerous spec in the hands of a good player. A very strong 1v1 spec but great for team fights too. It allows you to put pressure on an enemy and then fall back on healing to keep your teammates alive. An opponent might think you are a healer and then try to take you out, but use your high dmg to teach him a lesson. Envii has also posted some videos with him using this spec. Check it out at the youtube link posted above.

Well this wraps up the most used PVP specs. If you got some I haven’t posted feel free to comment so I can add them to the list. Remember many of these comes in different variations so adjust them so they suit you. 

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